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Christians Targeted, Killed in Mosul, Iraq

By Open Doors USA

SANTA ANA, Calif. --- Information has reached Open Doors that Christians have been killed in various places in Mosul, Iraq this morning.

In a cry of distress, an Open Doors co-worker reported: "Christians are being targeted inside their own homes and killed. Several have been killed in front of the last check point before leaving Mosul while the Kurdish and Arab security forces were watching."

Also at the university in Mosul, Christian students are being targeted. The Open Doors worker reports: "Christian students are pointed to by some Muslim students at the university. Then these Christians are taken away and killed. Please get folks to pray!"

In an email arriving two minutes later he reports: "Just received an update that two more students have been kidnapped."

Local team members are calling their friends and relatives in Mosul, which is located in northern Iraq. A devastated colleague shared that four of his friends have either been killed or have a family member who has been killed today.

The AFP news agency reported today that at least two more Christians were killed -- one on Sunday and one on Monday. Also, AFP reported a blast killed two policemen and wounded nine others as the result of a car bomb at a police forensics bureau today.

"For years Christians have been targeted in Mosul and the surrounding area," says Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller. "It is one of the most violent areas in Iraq. With the parliamentary elections coming up March 7, more violence against Christians is expected.

"With Iran and Afghanistan taking the spotlight, we must not forget our fellow believers in Iraq. As our co-worker pleads for prayer, let's unite today in petition to our Lord. Pray that the violence will end and those families who have lost love ones will receive the comfort from the Great Comforter."

In 2008, a targeted campaign by terrorist killed up to 40 Christians and forced 10,000 Christians to flee their homes in the Mosul area.


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