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Christians Say Shut Down 'Virgin Mary Should've Aborted' Facebook Group

The Facebook group "Virgin Mary Should've Aborted" is drawing protests from Christian activists who want it shut down.

The controversial group's Facebook page includes an image of the Virgin Mary smoking marijuana with the caption: "She is higher than all Catholic priests, even higher than the twelve apostles. In fact, she is higher than every single angel."

"The bible is a load of outdated traditional horse manure and has no place in education, laws, politics or government," adds the group.

"Organized religion is a man-made tool to control society and justify oppression, currently dividing and destroying the planet. I do not seek to convert people, other people's beliefs do not bother me until they deny others rights and happiness."

According to The Christian Post, a Catholic website called "America Needs Fatima" has circulated an online petition calling for the removal of the Facebook group.

The petition, which has over 15,000 signatures, states in part:"This page quite obviously violates Facebook's hate speech policies. And it is offensive to the belief of over a billion Christians worldwide and directly offends, insults, demeans, and shows hatred for what Catholics hold most dear."

"Many of the comments, especially those of the page's creator, clearly show the intent is to vent hate and insult the Catholic faith. Facebook should not be a platform for bigotry against Catholics."

Another Facebook group "Catholics & Protestants Against FB Religious Discrimination" also voiced opposition.

"We're not trying to censor anyone, but this falls under the category of hate speech," stated spokesman Cary Bogue.

"It's one thing to say we're atheists and we're proud of it… it's another thing to say his mother should have aborted him."

Sources: Facebook and The Christian Post


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