Christians Outraged Over Cancer Prevention For LGBT


Evangelist Franklin Graham stirred up his many Christian followers on Facebook by posting an article on May 3 about a new anti-smoking, cancer prevention program that is aimed at the LGBT community.

Graham wrote on Facebook:

Can you believe it? Our Federal Food and Drug Administration is spending $36 million of taxpayer money on an advertising campaign featuring lesbians, drag queens, and transgender individuals to encourage the LGBT community to quit smoking. Doesn't everyone need to quit smoking, not just this group? They’re calling it the "This Free Life" campaign and they’re encouraging young people to "find their own truth." The only way any person is going to find true freedom is through repentance and faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. The real truth is, this lifestyle is not healthy—spiritually or physically. We need to believe God’s truth, not find our own truth as this campaign encourages.

The Washington Free Beacon article (via Fox News) that Graham posted asserts, "The campaign is being paid for by tobacco taxes."

The FDA cites a different funding source, however, saying, "The $35.7 million campaign is funded by user fees collected from the tobacco industry, not by taxpayer dollars."

Nevertheless, Graham's Christian followers joined the evangelist in slamming the cancer prevention program on Facebook:

"Throwing away our money on less than five percent of the people living a lifestyle we don't agree with!!! True salvation is in Jesus Christ alone!!!"

"Just another contribution to our ever growing national debt!"

"Yes I can believe it! One more example of the government wasting tax payer dollars!!"

"Just another something unwanted being rammed down our throat by this administration. The anti-christ is here and in the white house."

"Spend as much money as humanly crash the bring in the Jesuit New Wold Order..that has been the plan.....keep us busy at every turn, with every crazy sinful and destructive thing while building their army with our labor."

"Wow, does our government ever spent money any more that does any good, that is so very wasteful."

"Oh, so maybe that's where the $$$ went instead of for a Social Security cost-of-living increase this year!!"

"They still don't get why we're so angry? This is why! Quit using our money for things like this! I know a lot of people who could use money for medicine or to go see a doc."

"This is just sickening."

"Truth, so right that God's Truth is what everyone needs, yet satan can't stand the truth, it is true that he is a lair and the father of lies."

Sources: Facebook, The Washington Free Beacon via Fox News, FDA / Photo credit: Leszek Janczuk/Wikimedia

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