Creationists Now Accepting Big Bang Theory?


If the Big Bang theory holds up, it will confirm that there was a beginning to the universe just as the Genesis's account stated some 3,500 years before the Big Bang theory developed.

The question that may puzzle many Christians today is; how could the Big Bang and design by intelligence be in agreement with each other and, how could order come from an explosion of energy like the big bang? According to author Paul Hutchins, a simple illustration makes things a little clearer.

"Have you ever been to a fireworks display? What did you see? You saw an explosion of energy, yet it resulted in a beautiful organized display of color and design. Fireworks (devices) take many forms to produce the four primary effects noise, light, smoke, and floating materials.

Fireworks were originally invented in China; they were first made by fireworks masters who were well-respected for their knowledge of the many complex techniques used to create truly dazzling fireworks displays. Yes, complex techniques required by skilled craftsmen are necessary to create the right effects, not just some gunpowder randomly packed into a rocket and exploded."

If the beginning of the universe began with a big bang of energy, as the theory suggests, it was not a disorganized explosion of energy like a keg of gun powder exploding on a universal scale. The Hubble space telescope now reveals that there is intricate structure and order in the universe, although it appears it emanated from an explosive beginning, much like a beautiful exploding fireworks display. Logic would suggest that it had to have been controlled and organized by technical and creative design just as exploding fireworks are.

The cosmic DNA for the entire universe as it were may have been designed into the original cosmic seed of matter and energy that eventually grew into the universe we see today. That original seed of energy is dwarfed by the energy found in today's universe. To understand how that cosmic seed grew into a massive universe perhaps we just need to look at nature. If you were to plant a single tiny seed of a redwood tree in the ground and went away for 13.5 billion years, what you would find on your return would be a massive redwood forest, why; because the DNA of the forest was designed into the original seed.

What we are now witnessing for the first time in human history, as a result of high-powered space telescopes, is a Grand Drama of Creation in an explosive display of beautiful design that gives astronomers the same thrill they must have received when they witnessed their first fireworks display as a child. Interestingly, even a young child seeing fireworks explode into beautiful designs recognizes that someone designed them.


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