Christians Against Dinosaurs Group Denies The Creatures Existed (Video)

A parent, who is part of a group called Christians Against Dinosaurs, recently expressed concerns about children being exposed to teachings about dinosaurs and toys of the prehistoric creatures.

User CADministry began a thread on the web forum Mumsnet.com entitled, "I'm getting sick of tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children," noted the Daily Mirror. (Warning: comments contain strong language.)

CADministry also wrote in the post:

"I'm really concerned about dinosaurs, and I think something needs to be done. The science behind them is pretty flimsy, and I for one do not want my children being taught lies. Did you know that nobody had even heard of dinosaurs before the 1800s, when they were invented by curio-hungry Victorians?

"Charles Darwin's later theory of evolution entirely disproved dinosaurs, yet the dinosaur lie was twisted and adapted to try to make it fit. Any proper look at the facts will reveal that dinosaurs simply never existed.

"Aside from the educational aspect, dinosaurs are a very bad example for children. At my children's school, several children were left in tears after one of their classmates (who had evidently been exposed to dinosaurs), became bestially-minded and ran around the classroom roaring and pretending to be a dinosaur. Then he bit three children on the face. One poor girl has been left with a severely dented nose and the whole class was left traumatised by this horrible display.

"Nothing about dinosaurs is suitable for children, from their total lack of family values through to their non-existence from any serious scientific point of view.

"Recently my sister foolishly gave my two youngest some dinosaurs toys for Christmas. After telling her to get out of my house I burnt the dinosaurs. My children were delighted because they know that dinosaurs are evil. I am fortunate that my family has been very supportive, and has disowned my children's former aunt."

CADministry also linked to the Christians Against Dinosaurs Facebook page, which boasts thousands of members, noted ABC 13.

Additionally, a female member of the group posted a video (below) on YouTube in December 2014 explaining how paleontologists supposedly take fossils and turn them into dinosaurs to keep their jobs.

Sources: Mumsnet.com, Daily Mirror, ABC 13 Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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