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Christian Woman Links Monster Energy Drink to Satan (Video)

A video featuring an unidentified Christian woman claiming that Monster Energy drinks are linked to Satan has gone viral.

According to, the woman states on the video (below) that the spooky "M" letter on the Monster Energy drink can is not connected, but is a series of three marks.

She then pulls out the Hebrew alphabet and claims that the broken "M" could be a vav, which she says "is also the number 6."

"You could have here, in Hebrew, 666," states the woman.

She then claims that the "o" in Monster has a cross, which appears to be a vertical dash through the "o."

The woman also cites how the Bible refers to the beast in the Book of Revelations and then notes that Monster's slogan is "Unleash the beast."

“This is how clever Satan is and how he gets into the Christian home, and a Christian’s life, and it breaks God’s heart,” adds the woman.

In response to the video, The Daily Dot stated, "In Hebrew, '666' does not look like three vavs—it looks like “six hundred and sixty-six,” or סרתו (samech resh tav vav)."

Sources:, The Daily Dot


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