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Christian University Bans Pro-Life Student From Displaying Graphic Abortion Pictures (Video)

Biola University is a conservative Christian college in La Mirada, California, but the pro-life school recently banned a student, Diana Jimenez, from displaying her graphic anti-abortion pictures on campus.

A video (below) posted on YouTube shows a confrontation between Jimenez and John Ojeisekhoba, chief of Biola University's campus safety.

In the video, Ojeisekhoba repeatedly tells Jimenez that she cannot display her graphic abortion pictures on campus, but she insists that she can and must.

In between footage of the confrontation are clips of Biola University President Barry Corey speaking about having strong Christian convictions and standing up for what's right.

According to the Christian Post, Jimenez got permission from Biola University in May to put up an information table on campus with  pamphlets about abortion and "non-graphic imagery."

However, Jimenez apparently insists on displaying her graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.

In response to the controversy, Brenda Velasco, assistant director of public relations at Biola University, told the Christian Post: "All displays of any kind go through an approval process bearing in mind location, audience and topic. Biola's policy does allow graphic images for specific purposes that can be accompanied by a forum and an educational discussion."

"We welcome those types of educational opportunities for students to engage and learn further about the topic at hand. In this instance, the student sought approval to display graphic imagery on campus and she was denied" because "[the pictures] would be disruptive to campus activity."

"We try to provide effective parameters for displays keeping in mind guests we may have on campus that day, location and use of public space," Velasco explained.

Jimenez claims that girls on campus have had abortions and that her graphic pictures have saved the lives of unborn babies.

Source: Christian Post



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