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Christian Trolley Owner Matt Grubbs Closes Wedding Services Because of Gay Marriage

Discover Annapolis Tours owner Matt Grubbs (pictured) in Annapolis, Maryland is closing down his wedding service rather than allowing gay couples to get married.

Discover Annapolis Tours is famous for its trolley buses, which are filled with flowers and used as a ride for brides on their wedding day, reports The Baltimore Sun.

In a rejection letter last month, Grubbs told prospective client Chris Belkot that "we used to do weddings until recently. But we're a Christian-owned business, and we are not able to lend support to gay marriages. And as a public accommodation, we cannot discriminate between gay or straight couples, so we had to stop doing all wedding transportation."

Grubbs' letter also encouraged Maryland residents to contact their lawmakers and "request they amend the new marriage law to allow an exemption for religious conviction for the layperson in the pew. The law exempts my minister from doing same-sex weddings, and the Knights of Columbus don't have to rent out their hall for a gay wedding reception, but somehow my religious convictions don't count for anything."

Belkot forwarded Grubbs' email to local news websites and sent a response to Grubbs that read, in part: "It is your right to run your business any way you see fit, but let's be honest here, you drive a trolley up and down a street. Not exactly God's work."

The Discover Annapolis Tours' website says that full details will be made available on January 1, 2013, the first day that gay couples will be allowed to marry in Maryland.


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