Christian Teacher Says He Was Fired For Faith (Video)


Teacher and coach Robert Hudson believes he is being let go from his job at Cathedral City High School in California because of his personal Christian beliefs (video below).

"We seem to get targeted out and if people don't like our beliefs, then they make our life hell," Hudson recently told KESQ.

Hudson was told by the school in February that he was being terminated at the end of the year before getting his tenure.

Besides his personal faith, Hudson meets with students from the school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at a local pizza place where they eat, study the Bible and pray.

"The only thing I can think of is that I am being harassed about my faith in Jesus Christ," Hudson added.

Hudson recalled being reprimanded once for questioning the principal after he was asked to take down Christian quotes in his classroom.

Hudson told the news station, "Why do I have to bring my stuff down when there are other people with gay and lesbian paraphernalia, zombie paraphernalia, communism paraphernalia, that to me were not academically based and even if they were expressions of what this district supposedly preaches about tolerance and diversity."

One major difference between LGBT, zombies, communism and Christianity is that Christianity is a religion, the other three are not.

Hudson, who also plays Christian music in his classroom, added, "The district has made it clear that they want us to stick to a curriculum that they gave me, and in that curriculum there is a section that says we have to teach on religious beliefs, so i definitely believe that is a part of the curriculum."

According to the school's website, Hudson is under the "Special Education" section and teaches "social skills, job prep, comm awareness, math skills and comm skills." There is no mention of religious instruction or world history, which could include religion.

The Palm Springs Unified School District told KESQ that it could not comment because of confidentiality laws, but it's not clear what those specific laws state.

The school district sent the news station part of its education code, which state that "instruction about religion shall not promote or denigrate the beliefs or customs of any particular religion or sect, nor should a preference be shown for one religious viewpoint over another."

Hudson has been on medical leave since December 2015, after developing a heart condition while on the job. In addition to his Christian faith, Hudson believes his termination has something to do with his heart monitor, and added that he could lose his salary and benefits if he doesn't return to school by next week.

Hudson says he has forgiven the school district, but has not ruled out taking legal action to protect his fellow workers. It's not clear if any of them are being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Sources:  KESQCathedral City High School / Photo Credit: KESQ via SanVic/YouTube

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