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Woman Who Was Sentenced To Death For Converting To Christianity Set To Be Released

A Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for converting to Christianity will soon be released, according to an official.

A Sudanese court sentenced Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, 27, to 100 lashes for adultery and death by hanging for apostasy. Ibrahim’s father, who left when she was 6 years old, was Muslim.

After the sentence garnered global condemnation, an under-secretary at the foreign ministry says Sudan guarantees religious freedom and Ibrahim will be protected.

"The related authorities in the country are working to release Mariam (Yahya Ibrahim), who was sentenced to death for apostasy, through legal measures," Abdelah Al-Azrak told Reuters. "I expect her to be released soon.”

Ibrahim’s mother raised her as a Christian. She married a Christian man, Daniel Wani, who is an American Citizen, and gave birth to their daughter in prison on Tuesday. Her 20-month-old son is also there with her, according to UPI.

Her attorney, Mohaned Mostafa, and Wani say they haven’t been notified of her release.

"But we do hope she will get released soon," Mostafa told Reuters.

Sources: UPI, BBC News, Huffinton Post


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