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Christian Students, Teachers Want 'Traditional' High School Prom, No Gays (Video)

Students from Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Ind., parents and other Christians are calling for a high school prom to ban gay people (video below).

According to WTWO-TV, the group met at Sullivan First Christian Church on Sunday to plan a prom that would only allow straight students as an alternative to the gay-inclusive prom at Sullivan High School.

“We don’t agree with [homosexuality],” special education teacher Diana Medley told WTWO-TV. “It’s offensive to us.”

“I don’t believe they were born that way. I think life circumstances made them choose that. I think God made everybody equal… I have kids come to me because of their sexual preference. And they know I don’t agree with it, but care about you. And the same thing for special needs. God puts those people in our life for special reasons.”

When asked if she thought gay people had some sort of purpose in life, Medley answered: “I don’t. I personally don’t. I’m sorry. I just, I don’t understand it… A gay student or adult or person isn’t going to come up isn’t going to come up and make some change, unless it’s because they realize, ‘You know what? It was a choice and I’m choosing God.’”

“Christians have always been prepared for a fight, but Jesus Christ give us armor for the front, not the back,” Pastor Bill Phegley added. “We aren’t running no more.”

“We believe what the Bible says, it says that it’s wrong,” said student Bonnie McCammon. “And we love the homosexuals, but we do not condone what they’re doing.”

However, not everyone agrees.

“He come here to save the world, not to condemn it,” said resident Jim Davis. “Love them as a person, you don’t have to love what they do because they may not, I mean, the gays may not like the bad things you make mistakes at.”

Source: WTWO-TV


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