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Christian Sex Educator Offends Students With Message

A Christian sex-education speaker, Shelly Donahue, offended some students at Jenks High School in Oklahoma on March 22.

Brooklyn Wilson, a senior at the school, posted her recollection of Donahue's sex-ed presentation:

As usual, this sex ed class was based around the idea of abstinence (both a CLEARLY unrealistic and ineffective approach to teaching safe sex). However, on top of the usual [disappointment], today a line was crossed.

A direct quote from the presentation "Do you know why girls are so desperate and always text guys first? Two words: Daddy. left." I am DISGUSTED. How dare our school allow a statement so demeaning to girls and so belittling of broken families to be presented to a class of such impressionable and already insecure seniors.

"Daddy" leaving is a life changing and heartbreaking situation, but to stereotype and undermine girls by calling them "desperate" for having the confidence to text a guy first is SO OUT OF LINE.

Brooklyn's posting went viral, notes Tulsa World, and prompted a response from the Jenks Public Schools district.

Rob Loeber, spokesman for the school district, said that other students expressed concerns, while "many students ... had a positive response to the presentation."

Loeber said Donahue was supposed to provide an educational presentation about AIDS, and that school administrators discussed this with her:

She gave assurances to our administrators that her presentation would be secular, not religious. Regrettably, she did not adhere to those standards. Some of her comments strayed outside the realm of sex education or AIDS education.

Those statements certainly would not be echoed or endorsed by Jenks Public Schools. Because of those misrepresentations, Ms. Donahue will not be asked to return.

Back on Facebook, Brooklyn posted a slide from the presentation, and a caption:

I might also mention that this presentation was run by a completely Christian organization (already a completely innapropriate and ignorant violation of students varying beliefs). this organization compared women to "crockpots" while men were "microwaves." YOUR BODY IS NOT, NOR SHOULD BE, COMPARED TO A KITCHEN APPLIANCE.

Donahue’s website defends her sex-ed message:

I realize that my message is vitally needed and desperately desired by parents. Parents can’t give their teenagers something they didn’t get -- you can’t give what you don’t have...

[P]arents, teachers, administrators and pastors have invited me to speak to teenagers across the country with the message of waiting. It is such a privilege to have a high school senior boy wait for me at the end of a student assembly and ask,"Hey Tall Lady, are you coming back?!" WOW! I’m asking teenagers to delay sex until they get married and they like me!! Such fun!

Donahue reportedly did not return a call from Tulsa World.

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