Christian School's Anti-Science Test Brings in Financial Donations

The Blue Ridge Christian Academy in Landrum, South Carolina, has received financial aid from people across the world after its fourth grade science test, which appears to reject science, was posted online.

In a press release, Diana Baker, an administrator at the school, called the April 21st posting of the school's science test on Reddit.com an "attack" which "God has used it to provide affirmation regarding the importance of our work."

As noted by the Washington Post, the 4th grade science test includes several true or false questions of this sort:

"True or false, The earth is billions of years old," with the correct answer being "false."

"True or false, Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago," with the correct answer being "false."

Before the test was posted on Reddit.com, the Blue Ridge Christian Academy was struggling financially and considered closing down.

"The controversy comes in the midst of major financial struggles that BRCA is experiencing," said Angie Dentler, a teacher and publicist from Blue Ridge Christian Academy, in the press release.

"The media attention has brought awareness of the school reaching from the upstate of South Carolina, throughout the U.S. and into over 70 countries around the world. Donations have been given ranging in amounts from $1 – $1,000. Encouraging notes and emails have poured in from around world to offset the thousands of hateful comments that are not only circulating the internet and Facebook, but also direct mail, emails and phone calls to the school."

Dr. Ken Ham and Mark Looy, co-founders of Answers in Genesis, recently co-wrote an article that said the science test at Blue Ridge Christian Academy was a part of an Answers in Genesis DVD that teaches "children the history of the universe from the Bible, with a special emphasis on teaching dinosaurs from a biblical perspective."

Ham and Looy also claimed: "These anti-God people hate the fact that Christians are teaching children to stand on the authority of the Bible; they want to be the ones teaching children and indoctrinating them into atheism."

Other prominent Christians like Pat Robertson have slammed "Young Earth Creationists" (such as Answers in Genesis), reports ChristianPost.com.

"You go back in time, you have carbon dating, all these things, and you have the carcasses of dinosaurs frozen in time." Robertson said in 2012. "They are out there. And so there was a time when these giant raptors were on the earth and it was before the time of the Bible. So don't try to cover it up and make like everything was 6,000 years, that's not the Bible."

Sources: Washington Post, Answers in Genesis, Reddit.com, ChristianPost.com


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