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Christian School Employee Harold Scott Allegedly Fired For Appearing In ‘The Producers’

The superintendent of a Christian school in Nebraska claims that he was fired because he appeared in a community theater production of a popular Broadway musical. Harold Scott said that Parkview Christian School let him go because he starred in the “The Producers” as Max. The show features homosexual characters and jokes.

Scott, who worked at the school for two years, said he was told he was let go because the church's pastor felt that his participation in the show would have a negative reflection on the church and the school, reported.

“I never imagined that my passion for acting and participating in community theater would lead to me losing my job,” Scott said. “I truly believe that I did nothing wrong and my involvement in theater should in no way interfere with the career I love.”

Ben Kramer, the school board's chairman, declined to discuss the matter and the church's pastor could not be reached for comment. According to its website, Parkview is a non-denominational Christian school. It has students from preschool through 12th grade.

Scott said he will miss working with the students, staff and parents at the school and that he wishes them well.

Sources:, Democratic Underground


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