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Christian's Guide to Dealing with Addiction Released

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The much anticipated and revised edition of the inspirational and groundbreaking book Thorns in the Heart, A Christian's Guide to Dealing with Addiction is now available on

Thorns in the Heart is relevant to anyone who experiences addiction and pain. For most people they are easier to bury or ignore than deal with. Yet, it's only a matter of time before many of the things we run from must be faced. But how?

In Thorns in the Heart, Dr. Steven Stiles cites actual cases to expose the physical, emotional and spiritual vulnerability of Christians when they avoid dealing with pain. But more than just case examples, this book provides those who suffer a path to recovery.

It offers steps to recognizing and dealing with pain through topics such as: Addiction, Compulsion and Pain; Pain, Emotions and the Body; Coping with Depression; Co-Dependency and Pain; Pain from God's Perspective; and Coping with Compulsive Behaviors. Dr. Stiles explains there are no easy answers, but through understanding pain, addiction, and how God wants His people to respond, Christians can begin a journey of new hope and purpose.

Readers can continue their journey of recovery through the Author's website absolutely free. The book is available now at


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