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Christian Rapper Compares Homosexuals to Pedophiles, Gets Death Threats (Video)

Christian rapper Bizzle says his new song, which compares gay people to child molesters, has resulted in online death threats from strangers.

His song, called "Same Love Response" (video below), is a response to rapper Macklemore's pro-gay song "Same Love."

According to, some of the lyrics to "Same Love Response" include:

"It angers you, if I compare you to a pedophile/Cuz' he sick, right?/And you're better how?/Man, I ain't choose this/You think he chose that?/But, I was born this/Well, prove he wasn't born that."

Bizzle told My Fox Houston that his version of the song is based on the Bible, but his critics accuse him of hating gay people, which the rapper denies.

Even though he has received death threats, Bizzle has not contacted the police but rather posted the profanity-laced attacks on his website

"When I propose my beliefs, just respect them the same way supposed to respect you," Bizzle told My Fox Houston. "I just tweeted yesterday, if you see me out with a woman who is not my wife, I expect you to check me on it. [Just] because I'm Bizzle and I rap, I don't get to be out cheating on my wife, and get a pass. As brothers and sisters in Christ we hold ourselves, we hold each other accountable."

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