Christian Radio Show Host Says Allah is 'Demon-God' (Video)

Christian radio host Bryan Fischer recently slammed an interfaith gathering between Pope Francis, Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders.

According to The Huffington Post UK, the Pope hosted the meeting at the Vatican Gardens on Sunday to help bring peace to the Middle East. His guests included Israeli President Shimon Peres, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and other Jewish, Christian and Muslim spiritual leaders.

However, this interfaith meeting did not sit well with Fischer, who slammed it yesterday on his American Family Association Internet radio show (video below).

“I suggest that this is misguided because when Muslims pray, they are praying to a god that they refer to as ‘Allah,’ who we know from the scriptures is not the true and living god, but is a demon-god,” said Fischer, notes RightWingWatch.org.

“Remember, not every being that occupies the unseen world, the spiritual world, is a good guy, is a good spirit,” warned Fischer.

“Allah, as he is referred to and thought of and spoken of by Muslims, is not a god, he is a demon,” added Fischer.

Sources: The Huffington Post UKRightWingWatch.org


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