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Christian Radio Host's Anti-Gay Book Pulled by

Christian radio host Linda Harvey’s new anti-homosexual book Maybe He’s Not Gay has reportedly been pulled from

According to, the book's former description on read:

"I'm gay." As more and more young people announce this is their identity, it's time to take a closer look. It's a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it's "who you are." But there's a problem. Are we sure this is the truth?

Does this identity bring the promised liberation and the key to a whole new life? Does it lift the burden of secrecy - or begin a different kind of struggle? reports that Maybe He’s Not Gay has been pulled by the popular e-commerce site:

After a few email’s this afternoon from this website and over who and what Linda Harvey is, has decided to pull the Mission: America’s hate group leader’s latest anti-lgbt propaganda book ”Maybe He’s Not Gay."

However, Harvey still has a column on the conspiracy website WorldNet Daily where she recently warned that five conservative predictions about homosexuality have come true in 2013.

She claimed that the “gay lobby is dragging America into a season of tyranny" because pro-gay groups opposed Phil Robertson's recent anti-gay statements.

The radio host also says that gay marriage somehow led to polygamy based on a court ruling in Utah involving Kody Brown and his four wives from the TV reality series "Sister Wives."

Harvey also claims that homosexuals want access to children because pro-gay groups supported the Boy Scouts of America lifting its gay ban against scouts.

She slammed the Obama administration for not supporting foreign countries that persecute and put to death homosexuals: "In 2013, the Obama administration completely outed itself as an official branch of homosexual advocacy, with the State Department and the U.N. delegation arm-twisting reluctant countries to accept LGBT behavior."

Finally, she claims that Christian "religious freedom" is in danger because state courts have sided with gays against Christian business owners who discriminated against LGBT people.

UPDATE: contacted Opposing Views and states: "The publisher removed the book from sale."

Harvey told The Christian Post that she pulled the book because of the lousy reviews it received.

"I saw the rotten reviews, a smear campaign by those who had not read the book, and the publisher attempted to get Amazon to pull the ad hominem reviews, but they were not immediately responsive," stated Harvey.

"So, since the book is brand new and I didn't want it to be harmed by this uninformed and vicious campaign stimulated by 'gay' bloggers, I decided to pull the page for now," added the radio host.

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