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Christian Radio Host Upset Muslim Spoke At RNC (Video)

Christian radio host Bryan Fischer lashed out at the Republican National Convention on July 20 because Sajid Tarar of American Muslims for Trump gave the closing prayer on July 19 (video below).

According to Right Wing Watch, Fischer made his comments on his American Family Association show: "We saw the Republican Party commit a collective and mass sin. They collectively committed the sin of idolatry because they bowed the head, bowed the knee before a false god, before a counterfeit god."

Fischer went on to slam Islam, and added:

The Republican Party last night allowed a demonic power to be invited into its building .. Now, that's hardly an incidental or harmless thing to do. And the GOP allowed the supernatural and evil entity, which is behind the religion of Islam, to be invoked and invited into that building last night ... The GOP invited a demon-God into its party in 2016.

Tarar's prayer made no mention of Islam, but he did quote the "prophet Muhammad" at one point in his speech, which can be found in the accompanying video.

The Telegraph notes that some RNC delegates walked out, while others shouted, "No Islam!" as Tarar prayed for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

One delegate was escorted out by the Secret Service for shouting profanities at Tarar because of his Muslim faith.

For all the abuse Tarar endured at the RNC, he has been a strong supporter of Trump.

During an interview with Fusion in April, Tarar was asked about Trump's call to ban Muslim immigrants, and replied, "[B]an or stop for some period of time."

The news site also asked Tarar about the surveillance of Muslim mosques, and he said: "If a tip comes from a Muslim American that something is going on, they should be monitored."

Tarar also offered a blanket defense of Trump: "When Donald Trump has said something about Muslims and Islam, he doesn’t mean American Muslims, he’s talking about terrorists."

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Fusion, The Telegraph / Photo credit: American Family Association via YouTube

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