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Christian Radio Host Tells Black Caller That Media Wants Him To Be 'Angry Black Man' (Video)

Christian radio host Sandy Rios informed a black man who called her American Family Association radio show today that the media wanted him to be an "angry black man."

Rios was discussing how President Obama had somehow damaged race relations in the U.S., noted (video below).

She later took a call from a man named "Charles" in Columbus, Ohio, who stated:

I'm going to allow the Lord to lead me in what I'm about to say. Unfortunately, sisters and brothers like yourselves and others just don’t get it as it pertains to basically to black America and black, the history of black America with regards to America. I get so discouraged when I hear you guys talk about the current situation with policing and black America.

Charles reminded Rios about an unarmed black couple (Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams) in Cleveland who were killed by police in 2012 when officers fired 137 rounds at their car.

Charles mentioned that one of the officers (Michael Brelo) climbed onto the car and fired multiple rounds during the fatal shooting death, but was recently acquitted; this was confirmed by the New York Times, New York Magazine and CNN.

In response, Rios claimed that she knew the case, and added, "My understanding of that case is that there's more to that story," but didn't say what the "more" was.

Rios then mentioned that the couple was killed in Columbus, however, Russell and Williams were killed in Cleveland. The City of Cleveland agreed to pay the families of Russell and Williams $1.5 million each, The Plain Dealer reported in November 2014.

Rios also stated:

You do understand, Charles, that there are people who want to whip the black community into a frenzy by misrepresenting facts? You know, I was just the object of this, I have just been, people have been whipped into a frenzy over statements that I made about the train conductor.

Rios recently suggested that homosexuality may have played a "factor" in the Amtrack train crash in Philadelphia.

Rios continued:

And what they’re saying is, they take a lot of what I said and then twist it, and then it goes like a house afire. So I know how this works. Maybe you don’t. But I'm telling you there are people that benefit from twisting the story ever so slightly to get you whipped into a rage because you're, I think you're a black man, did you say that you were black?

Charles confirmed that he was black and said the shooting incident was caught on video.

Rios added:

I don't know enough about it. I just can tell you I have been told, I heard reports that there was more to the story that's not, look, ABC doesn’t care about giving you the whole story, neither does CBS, because they want you to be an angry black man, do you understand that?

Charles countered, "First of all, I am not an angry black man, okay?" but Rios responded, "You are angry about this."

Sources:, New York Times, New York Magazine, CNN, The Plain Dealer
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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