Christian Host: Philando Castile Shooting Was Reasonable (Video)

Christian radio host E.W Jackson expressed his support June 23 for officer Jeronimo Yanez who shot and killed Philando Castile, an African-American, during a July 6, 2016 traffic stop in St. Paul, Minnesota (video below).

Yanez was acquitted of criminal charges June 16, 2017, but was terminated from his job by the City of Saint Anthony the same day.

Jackson referred to Castile’s death as "tragic" and "horrible," but also blamed Castile based on what the radio host imagined happened, noted Right Wing Watch.

Jackson said that Castile was wrong to inform Yanez he was carrying a gun: "The moment you do that, you put that police officer on edge, needlessly."

Jackson imagined that Castile pulled his gun out of his pants, which is not verified on any video of the incident that has been released:

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If you look at the video, he reaches in the window with his left hand, and you’ve got to assume that he’s doing that to try to grab Philando Castile’s arm so that he will not take the weapon out.

He said, "Don't take it out. Don't take it out. Don't take it out." And at that point, he pulls back from him because obviously he must have the weapon out at that point, and he fires and he fires multiple times.

Jackson later said that Castile "should have never reached for that weapon," despite any supporting evidence that Castile did reach for his gun.

Prosecutor Jeff Paulsen said during Yanez's trial that first responders testified that Castile’s gun was in his right shorts pocket as he was loaded onto a backboard, noted WCCO.

Paulsen also noted that there was a bullet wound to Castile’s trigger finger, but there was not any bullet damage in Castile’s right shorts pocket.

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Moments before Castile was shot, he clearly told Yanez: "I'm not pulling it out" in reference his gun.

Jackson insisted that Yanez "did not overreact."

A police dash cam video and a Facebook Live video streamed by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, showed Yanez becoming hysterical.

Jackson went on to say that Yanez made "reasonable judgment under the circumstances, the kind of judgment that, frankly, I could have made myself and that's the standard, isn't it?"

During his radio show June 14, Jackson asserted that there are lots of people on the "left" who want to see Christians dead, noted Right Wing Watch.

Jackson was trying to hold Democrats responsible for the actions of a lone shooter James Hodgkinson, who was killed by police after opening fire on Republican lawmakers during their baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

"There are lots of them, lots of them that would like to see Christians, conservatives, people with whom they disagree dead," Jackson stated. "That’s a hard thing to say and it’s sad thing to have to say, but I believe that."

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2), AP/WCCO / Photo Credit: Mark Taylor/Flickr (2), Fibonacci Blue/Flickr

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