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Christian Radio Host Says Obama Wants 'No Aid for Israel, Just Aid to Hamas' (Audio)

Christian radio host Sandy Rios said yesterday on her show that President Obama does not support aid for Israel, but wants to send aid to Hamas.

Rios claimed that White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the Obama administration "wants to send aid to [Israel's] enemies, the people they are fighting. No aid to Israel, just aid to Hamas," notes (audio below).

However, Earnest never said that.

"At this point, surely, Netanyahu, the leaders of Israel, and the people who live in Israel have figured out that this administration is no friend to Israel," Rios added.

However, according to, the U.S. has actually increased its aid to Israel under the Obama administration:

The Obama administration has increased security assistance to Israel every single year since the president took office, providing nearly $10 billion in aid -- covering roughly a fifth of Israel's defense budget -- over the past three years. To put this in perspective, this is about 20 percent higher than the remaining six dozen recipients of U.S. FMF combined.

Unlike President Bush, President Obama sold bunker-busting bombs to Israel in 2009, notes The New York Times.

President Obama also spent $70 million on Israel's Iron Dome missile protection system, reports the National Journal.

Rios was also wrong about the Obama administration sending "aid to Hamas."

The Associated Press recently reported that the "U.S. will send $47 million in humanitarian aid for tens of thousands of Palestinians who have fled their homes in Gaza to escape the violence."

Sources: Associated Press, National Journal, The New York Times,, (Image Credit: Devendra Makkar)


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