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Christian Radio Host Rick Wiles Claims MSNBC Viewers Hate Jesus Christ (Audio)

On MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Tuesday night, the award-winning journalist played several clips of "End Times" radio host, Rick Wiles, making bizarre claims (video below).

She played a clip of Wiles claiming that President Barack Obama might be bringing a swarm of locust to Israel and that Obama might be the devil because flies have buzzed by his head. Wiles also accused the president of sodomizing the nation.

In response to the MSNBC report, Wiles said on his radio show Wednesday (audio below) that he received "ugly, hateful, threatening, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous messages" from people apparently offended by his hateful, vulgar and obscene comments about Obama.

He claimed the messages came from "people who are demon-possessed" and added that people who watch MSNBC "have a visceral hate for Jesus Christ and Christians," noted

Ironically, Wiles attacked MSNBC's ratings, while he is pretty much unknown beyond his listeners and the websites who report on his unusual claims and antics.

"The spirit of Antichrist is loose in America," Wiles said on Wednesday. "A man of lawlessness is in the White House. His followers hate Christianity.  And most of the American Christian church has yet to realize the scope and depth of this hellish hate that is boiling in the Obamanistas toward anybody who dares to profess biblical Christianity and morality. It is the same spirit that rose up in the Nazis in Germany toward the Jews. This time it will be the Christians in America who are locked up or put to death."

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