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Christian Radio Host Pushes Her Anti-Gay Book as Christmas Gift for Teens (Audio)

Christian radio host Linda Harvey recently encouraged parents to buy her anti-gay book as a Christmas present for young people "who have friends or relatives who claim to be gay."

Harvey's book “Maybe He’s Not Gay” makes numerous questionable claims about homosexuality, reported The Friendly Atheist earlier this year.

“If you were wondering what to get your teen or college student for Christmas, how about giving them the gift of common sense and morality?" said Harvey on her radio show today, noted (audio below).

"This is the way many people have described my book, ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View On Homosexuality,’” added Harvey. “Same-sex relationships are not what anyone was born for yet there are reasons why people get there and even more reasons why they can leave those feelings behind.”

Back in January, Harvey's book was pulled from Amazon, which the author claimed she did because of negative comments.

"I saw the rotten reviews, a smear campaign by those who had not read the book, and the publisher attempted to get Amazon to pull the ad hominem reviews, but they were not immediately responsive," Harvey told The Christian Post in January.

"So, since the book is brand new and I didn't want it to be harmed by this uninformed and vicious campaign stimulated by 'gay' bloggers, I decided to pull the page for now," added Harvey.

A spokesperson for Amazon told The Christian Post that the publisher pulled the book, which is now back on Amazon.

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