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Christian Radio Host: Obama Causes Chaos In Everything

On June 24, Christian radio host James Dobson accused President Barack Obama of causing chaos in about every facet of American life.

Dobson made his allegations on his "Family Talk" radio program during a discussion with his son Ryan about the Obama administration's guidelines to protect transgender students in schools, notes

It seems like everything he's tried to do has been to move us toward chaos. Chaos in the military. Chaos in medicine, certainly. Chaos in the family, in marriage. Chaos in the judiciary and in the courts. Chaos in the economy. Chaos in every branch of government. Chaos in education, from kindergarten through the largest and most influential of the universities.

It's been chaos and now he's trying to tell parents how to raise their children and that will be the most chaotic of all because that leads towards the next generation. He gets control of the next generation, then his predecessors will have an easier time of controlling us and that is what it comes down to. It comes down to tyranny.

If the people have to take a choice between chaos and tyranny, they will always choose tyranny because chaos is unpredictable and tyranny is generally not, even when you're under an oppressive regime. I think control is what it comes down to.

Dobson, who voiced his opposition to tyranny during his broadcast, warned that American women better start having babies in an op-ed for Christianity Today. 

"Americans are starting to realize, perhaps for the first time, that we are facing a demographic nightmare," he wrote in the piece, which was published on April 11. "Our problem is not too many people but a plummeting birthrate. There are more single women today than those who are married, and the birthrate has been declining steadily. If it were not for immigration, this nation would be below zero population growth."

Tobin Grant responded in an op-ed for the Religion News Service:

First off: the statement is false. Even without immigration, the replacement rate in the United States continues to be high enough to increase the population. Pew Research estimates that without immigration in the future, the population will still be equal (or slightly greater) 50 years from now. Of course, we will have immigrants and our population will continue to grow by another 100 million with immigration. Moreover, the birthrate has not been declining steadily.

Dobson went on to write: "Thus, the population has been depicted as a pyramid, with the young being represented across its broad base and fewer older individuals nestled at the pinnacle. Now, we’re witnessing an inversion of the pyramid, where there are many more older people at the bottom and a smaller number of younger people and babies at the top."

Tobin responded:

What?! Not true at all. Try out this tool from the U.S. Census. It allows you to see this pyramid and its changing shape during the 20th Century.

 ... The most notable change is longer lifespans. People don’t die as often during childhood, in childbirth, in accidents, or later in life. This, at least in my opinion, is a good thing.

Dobson’s canards play into fears of demographic changes brought on by immigration. Or by Africa or Asia growing in population. We are not facing an inverted pyramid. Our population is increasing without immigration. With immigration (which is a good thing), the population growth in the United State is strong.

Sources:, Religion News Service, Christianity Today / Photo Credit: Focus on the Family/Wikimedia

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