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Christian Radio Host Mad About Mexican Parade, Not Irish Parade (Video)

Christian radio host Sandy Rios recently complained on her American Family Association program about a Mexican parade that took place near her home in Washington D.C. on Sunday.

However, she had no problem with the Irish St. Patrick’s Day parade, noted (video below).

Rios began by fuming about how the U.S. was "importing criminals" unlike the immigrants of the past, whom she called "a great boon, a great blessing and gift to this country."

Rios went on to explain how she was offended by the Mexican parade:

They closed one of the main arteries for at least two hours, the music was unbelievably loud, everyone was dressed in Mexican costumes, they were marching some sort of a saint, I don’t know who it was, with the, it was just the, and the streets were just filled with Mexican nationals who, I don't know, maybe they’re citizens, I sort of don’t think so.

Rios added that she didn't mind other types of parades:

Here's the thing, like, you know, we have Irish-American parades and I don’t mind people celebrating their ethnicity, what I do mind is an invasion without permission. I do not want American culture to be transformed into another culture.

While Republicans have cracked down on undocumented immigrants fleeing violent countries that violate human rights, the GOP-led House Judiciary Committee passed a new bill today that would allow up to 500 immigrant children/families into the U.S. if their homeschooling rights are being violated in their home country.

According to USA Today, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act is sponsored by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah).

Sources:, USA Today
Image Credit: American Family Association Logo


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