Christian Radio Host Links Homosexuality To Amtrak Crash (Video)


Christian radio host Sandy Rios claimed on her American Family Association program today that homosexuality might have played a "factor" in the tragic Amtrak crash in Philadelphia on Tuesday that killed eight people and injured hundreds.

Rios seemed to know she was wading into tricky waters midway through the segment (video below).

First, she quoted an article from the Daily Mail that said Amtrak train engineer Brandon Bostian "is a gay-rights activist who previously lived in San Francisco before moving to New York."

According to, Rios added:

Now I am not saying, I am not inferring to those of you that are gay rights activists and who like to monitor the show, I’m not inferring that this accident happened because he was gay, but I do think it’s an interesting part of the story and you can bet it will be edited out.

Rios later recalled a transgender airplane pilot who was taking hormone shots and "put his entire plane at risk because he had an emotional, angry outburst to something that happened, and he was suspended for a very long time and then reinstated."

Rios added, “I don’t know, but I think it is something to be discussed and I think it’s a factor and I'm doubting you'll hear it anywhere else.”

Sources:, Daily Mail
Image Credit: Clay Gilliland


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