Christian Radio Host Linda Harvey Prays Sen. Rob Portman's Son Will Stop Being Gay (Audio)


On her 'Mission America' radio show, Linda Harvey recently slammed Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) for changing his mind on gay marriage and supporting his gay son, which she called “a betrayal of the first order.”

Moments later, on the same broadcast, Harvey said she was going to pray for Sen. Portman's son to become “a former homosexual," reports

Harvey also made a familiar anti-gay marriage argument, claiming that Sen. Portman's gay son has the freedom to marry right now: "He can marry a woman."

"Because his own son is involved in homosexuality, Sen. Portman has rationalized away his former objections to same-sex marriage; he now says he wants the same opportunity for his son," said Harvey.

"Are you as frustrated by this as I am, friends? First of all, his son already has the right to marry now, he can marry a woman and someday when he is, we can all pray, a former homosexual, perhaps he will choose to exercise the option he has right now. I do hope you will join me in praying for this young man."


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