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Christian Radio Host: Immigrant Kids Not Trained To Use Bathroom (Video)

Christian radio host Sandy Rios suggested on her American Family Association broadcast this morning that immigrants could be responsible for last year's outbreak of Enterovirus.

Rios claimed that Enterovirus has left over 100 children paralyzed, but doctors and researchers have said they cannot prove that theory because many of the paralyzed children show no signs of Enterovirus.

There is no proven link between immigrant children and the outbreak of Enterovirus, noted the Texas Observer, and many Central and South American countries have as good, or better, vaccination rates than the U.S., reported the BBC.

According to Rios claimed that immigrant children may spread disease because they go unvaccinated and are not taught to properly use the bathroom (video below):

“We have vaccinations and hygiene and cleanliness and, you know, we teach people in western civilization how to go to the bathroom properly, how to take care of things, how to do things in a sanitary way. Do you not think that when we open our borders to a glut of people from another world who have never been trained, don’t know that, that that’s not going to bring in disease?”

Sources: Texas Observer, BBC,
Image Credit: American Family Association Logo


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