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Christian Radio Host: Football Team Took Photos Of Girl In Bathroom Because Of LGBT Laws (Video)

Christian radio host Dr. James Dobson warned his audience on Nov. 16 about non-discrimination laws that protect LGBT people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity (video below).

These types of ordinances are derisively called "bathroom bills" by those on the Religious Right who have tried to paint them as opportunities for sexual perverts, as Dobson did, notes

"It just takes my breath away," Dobson said. "It really does. I just read an example of a case where a girl was in the bathroom and the whole football team came in and took pictures, you know, selfies, if you will, over the top of her in the bathroom. I mean, have we gone absolutely nuts?"

Dobson did not identify where this incident allegedly happened, but his guest, Tim LeFever, of the Capitol Resource Institute, warned that these types of incidents were going to happen more often.

In more religion news, the Liberty Counsel, a Christian law firm, released its "Naughty Or Nice" list that notes which stores that use the terms "Christmas" and "holidays" in products or advertising. The list also notes "Jesus, Nativity, or Biblical elements."

The word "Christmas" never actually appears in the Bible, nor is it ever celebrated as a holiday in the good book, but the Liberty Counsel gave high marks to these "nice" companies for commercializing it: Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, CVS Pharmacy, JCPenney, Kmart, Macy's, Sears, Target and Walmart. However, the naughty list included: American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Old Navy, Radio Shack, The Limited and TJ Maxx.

Sources:, Liberty Counsel / Photo Credit: Focus On The Family/Wikimedia, m01229/Flickr

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