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Christian Radio Host: 'Demonic Spirits' Are Working On Souls Of Transgender Kids (Video)

Christian radio host Linda Harvey, who has a long history of activism (video below), recently tried to link transgender youth and the "godless spirit of Halloween" to come to the conclusion that "demonic spirits" were working on the souls of these young people.

In an op-ed article for the conspiracy website WorldNet Daily, Harvey lamented that "American sexuality" was "becoming an outright freak show." 

Harvey recalled that Braeden Lange, a 12-year-old lacrosse player, self-identified as gay on an ESPN broadcast in August.

"Denying one’s actual male heterosexual biology is heroic and courageous in the truth-free 'LGBT' parallel universe," Harvey grumbled. "And the sports media’s embrace of this anti-male, child-threatening agenda is a baffling voodoo trick in and of itself."

ESPN aired a special on Oct. 11 featuring Lange and his father who talked about all the support that the boy has received as a result of the publicity, after previously being bullied (video below).

Harvey also complained that Emily Pascal, a transgender 17-year-old girl, had her breasts surgically removed and started hormone therapy in order to become a male physically.

"Which will never happen," Harvey told her readers. "It’s all a sham, and our children are the innocent victims."

Dr. Robert Garofalo, who heads the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, which performed the surgery, told WYCC that these types of surgical procedures are not done with young children (video below).

Harvey later claimed: "Demonic spirits are hard at work in the souls of many confused, defenseless children, seducing them to embrace nightmares of mutilated identity and dehumanizing sexual practices."

She also complained about teenager Caden Boone, who underwent gender reassignment surgery from male to female earlier this year.

"He now calls himself Katherine, or Kat, and confusingly claims he’s a lesbian," Harvey griped.

The New York Times reported on Boone in June, and noted in the article: "No law prohibits minors from receiving sex-change hormones or even surgery..."

The newspaper noted that advocates claim that transitioning with hormones and surgery is easier for transgender people before they fully sexually mature as adults. 

However, Harvey later added in her column, "What I wonder is how these parents are going to explain to their adult children, some of whom will change their minds, why they were allowed to permanently disfigure themselves through amputation of healthy body parts."

Harvey also stated: "Would these parents find another solution– like patience– if there were not homosexual advocacy groups available for 'support'? Satan loves to 'help' those who are persuaded they are victims."

Sources: WorldNet Daily, WYCC via YouTube,, The New York Times / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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