Christian Radio Host Compares Transgender People to Circus Freaks (Audio)


Anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera appeared with radio host Vic Eliason (pictured) on the "Voice of Christian Youth" show on Thursday where the two men slammed transgender people, "Good Morning America" co-host Robin Roberts and the Obamas.

The men first talked about Roberts revealing her ten-year lesbian relationship with massage therapist Amber Laign on Facebook.

Roberts was thanking people on Facebook for supporting her over the last year through her bone marrow transplant surgery, reports the New York Daily News.

"I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together," Roberts wrote.

According to, the segment began with Eliason referring to the female Roberts as a man and then a woman (audio below).

"Last week, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts gave his first public acknowledgement of her ten year same-sex relationship with her therapist," stated Eliason. "His, her, whatever. First Lady Michelle Obama wrote on Twitter Monday, 'I am so happy for you and Amber, you'll continue to make us proud.'"

"I think every coming out is a tragedy,” added LaBarbera. "Every time a person comes out as a homosexual, it's an extra step of defiance of advocacy. And how sad that our First Lady and the White House in general and President Obama as well, all celebrate homosexuality.”

Later in the interview, Eliason and LaBarbera slammed transgender people (audio below).

“It just gets worse and worse,” LaBarbera said. “Transgender advocacy are people who believe that their biological sex, male or female, doesn’t match what they feel. I’ll tell you what Vic, Satan really works through feelings, doesn’t he?”

Eliason then compared transgender people to freaks in a circus.

“You know, Peter, years and years ago the old fashioned circus used to have a display in some kind of a cage or a display factor that had a ‘bearded lady’ as a freak,” stated Eliason.

“Today, we don’t even have to worry about that, it will be happening in your department stores, it will be happening in the public school, the issue of cross-dresses and transvestites and all of this thing is certainly what you're talking about," predicted Eliason.

Sources: New York Daily News, Twitter,


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