Christian Radio Host Compares Immigrant Children to Adulterers (Audio)


Christian radio host Sandy Rios compared undocumented immigrant children to adulterers on her American Family Association show today.

“I have compassion and love, I know that many of them are desperate, some of them just want to better their lives,” stated Rios, noted (audio below).

“People make the argument that immigrant children go on to make such great citizens, and they do, and I’m all in favor of that when it’s legal, but to kind of say it’s not so bad because they’re all very nice, and very nice people," added Rios. "Is to kind of say, like when people commit adultery because another person is more compatible with them and they go on to have a happy marriage, it’s kind of like, it’s apples and oranges."

The radio host then went on to claim that undocumented immigration was destroying the lives of the immigrants and American citizens.

“People, their lives are being destroyed by the chaos, whether they’re illegal immigrants or whether they are American citizens," claimed Rios. "This is just creating chaos and destroying people’s lives."

In more immigration news, a dozen Texas deputies are forming what they call the "Border Brotherhood" to enforce U.S. border laws without pay.

The deputies are working for free in Brooks County, Tx., which they say is a favorite destination for undocumented immigration, noted

Brooks County is reportedly so poor that it can only afford four deputies.

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