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Christian Radio Host Claims Racism Caused By Belief In Evolution (Video)

American Family Radio host Dr. Alex McFarland recently claimed that belief in evolution was the "number one reason" for racism.

McFarland voiced his opinion on a program broadcast by theDove when he was asked about racism in the U.S., noted (video below).

McFarland stated:

And the Biblical worldview says that we're made in the image of God and, therefore all people have inherent worth and dignity. And our Founding Fathers believed that. They said that they knew all men, all people were created equally. And you know, we've had 150 years of Darwinian evolution, and evolution, for about 75 years, has had a stranglehold on American education and so the number one reason for racism is belief in evolution.

Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" was published in 1859, but black African slaves were first brought to America in 1619, noted

McFarland didn't mention that many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners, noted Smithsonian Magazine, or that the lynching of black people was part of Christianity in some parts of America, reported

Racism and lynching was most profound in the Southern states, which have consistently pushed back against evolution, from the famous Scopes Monkey trial in Tennessee in 1925 to the Southern Baptist Convention's rejection of evolution in 1982.

The Southern Baptist Convention supported slavery in 1845, but didn't apologize to African-Americans until 1995, noted NPR. In that same apology, the Southern Baptist Convention admitted to not supporting the civil rights movement.

McFarland also failed to mention that slavery is supported throughout the Bible.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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