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Christian Radio Host Claims Muslims Are Colonizing Texas, Tennessee (Video)

Christian radio host Sandy Rios complained on her American Family Association program today that Muslims were (lawfully) living in Texas and Tennessee, which she termed "colonization."

Rios was talking to a caller about the recent armed attack in Garland, Texas, in response to an anti-Muslim “Draw Mohammad Contest” organized by conservative activist Pamela Geller, noted (video below).

Rios stated:

There has been a real strategic, like, I would say, colonization of Muslims around the country. They’ve targeted places, like, Tennessee, Texas, places that are strong bastions of conservatism and opposition, you know, and there have been intentional, some intentional stuff going on here.

And the whole mode of jihad is to move in and multiply and gradually overtake. So I mean, I'm with you, certainly, I would never mistreat or have personal animosity toward just the average Muslim living next door to me, but being aware of what it is that they are intending is quite another thing.

I'm not quite sure what do with that, even myself as a Christian. I'll be honest with you. I'm not sure what to do with that. When you recognize what the end game is, it's hard to be gracious and it's hard to find that place of ministry.

Rios' caller lamented how Christians had compromised their faith to placate the ideology of Islam and the gay agenda. The caller described Garland as a "war zone" and a "no-go zone," which he blamed on Muslims.

He also complained that mosques were being built in Garland, which has changed since his childhood.

The caller added that nearby Richardson, Texas, had been "taken over by Muslims" who have built mosques and community centers.

Meanwhile, Geller has been making the talk show circuit.

She appeared on Fox News this morning and appeared to compare herself to civil rights icon Rosa Parks, reports (video below).

Geller was responding to claims by Donald Trump that she was taunting Muslims with her anti-Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland.

Geller said, “What would he have said about Rosa Parks? 'Rosa Parks should never have gone to the front of the bus. She’s taunting people.'"

Image Credit: American Family Association Logo


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