Christian Radio Host Blames Russian Invasion of Ukraine on U.S. Military Drag Show (Video)


Earlier this week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) claimed that the Banghazi attack in 2012 somehow caused the recent Russian invasion of Crimea in the Ukraine.

However, American Family Association radio host Kevin McCullough came up with a new, but equally bizarre theory yesterday, noted

According to McCullough, Russia may have invaded Ukraine because of a drag show fundraiser on a U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan (audio below).

Playing on gay stereotypes, McCullough also claimed that "the weakening of our military. The sissification, if you will, of our military" was also to blame.

McCullough didn't provide any proof or explain how he had this inside knowledge of Putin's reasoning.

“Putin looks at the US and we’re having drag shows on our bases,” McCullough stated. “Do developments like this have anything to do with making our military leaders look less impressive in the eyes of the world? For instance, does Mr. Putin sit there and go, ‘Yeah, I’m not going to do anything Obama says because number one, he can’t keep his word, and number two, your military is now having drag shows on its bases.’”

In reality, Putin ordered the invasion after former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was kicked out of office by his own people for reneging on a trade deal with the EU and siding with Russia instead, reported New York Magazine.

Russia invaded the country Georgia under President George W. Bush in 2008, noted Time magazine. Bush's response at the time was to accuse Russia of "bullying" and to provide aid to Georgia, which Obama is doing with the Ukraine.

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