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Christian Protesters Preach At People In Target (Video)

Christian protesters recently yelled and preached at people in Target stores in Oregon and Tennessee because of the retail giant's new policy of allowing people to use the bathroom of the gender which they self-identify with (video below).

A man belonging to a group called the Portland Street Preachers walked up and down the aisles of a Target store and preached, notes The Friendly Atheist:

Target, this is your wake-up call! The Bible says that from the beginning, God made the male and female. He didn’t make transvestites.

He made them male and female. Jesus said, "He that justify the wicked, and condemneth the just, both are an abomination, both are an abomination!"

Target, this is your warning, you will be judged according to God’s standards, not man's, but God's. The Bible says to fear God. The Bible says, "Choose this day, whom you will serve! Choose this day, whom you will serve!"

You need to repent, or you’re going to see the lake of fire on Judgment Day. You will see the lake of fire on Judgment Day. You will be judged. And if there’s Christians in here supporting this abomination, shame on you! Shame on you!

Jesus said, "Choose this day, whom you will serve!" But you justify this place, you have to stand by the bathrooms because perverts can go in there, because transvestites allowed!

Target employees walked the man outside; one employee was on the phone with a 911 operator, describing the preacher.

At a similar demonstration in Tennessee, customer Holly Taylor published a cellphone video on her Facebook page of preachers yelling at customers and employees inside a Target.

One protester shouted: "Wicked! Wicked! Wicked! It's time to repent, it's time to get right with God ... It's time to get rid of the rainbow, the rainbow belongs to God, not just you. It's time for you to repent! It's time for you to repent!"

Another protester yelled, "Jesus Christ is going to come back. He going to destroy! He going to destroy! I'd be ashamed to work in this store. There's gotta be an honest living, an honest living that you can make!"

The men were escorted out of the store by Target employees.

Sources: The Friendly Atheist, Holly Talyor/Facebook / Photo credit: Hell shaking Street Preachers/YouTube

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