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Christian Protesters Oppose 'Muslim Day' In Oklahoma (Video)

Christian protesters held signs and shouted at Muslims as they entered the Oklahoma state Capitol for the state’s first Muslim Day.

The Oklahoma City event was presented today by the Oklahoma chapter of the Council for American Islamic Relations (video below).

Outside the Capitol, the protesters carried signs and shouted, "Allah, your pedophile leader!" and, "Go home!"

The Muslim attendees were escorted past the protesters by members of the Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, noted Reuters.

Ray Wade, a pastor, carried a sign that read, "Islam=Death."

"They have proven it to be," Wade told Tulsa World. "It is not just a slogan or a statement. Sadly, it has been demonstrated wherever they have power."

"They are always saying we are Islamphobic," protester Kathy Malone said. "We are not Islamphobic. They are in our country. They have Americanphobia. They don’t want to go by our country’s laws and our rules. They want to change it to their country’s."

Sources: Reuters, Tulsa World / Image Credit: Tulsa World Screenshot


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