Christian Preacher Rips Up Quran At Wright State University, Chaos Follows (Video)

A video (below) uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 16 shows Christian street preacher John Williams tearing up a Quran, the Muslim holy book, in front of a crowd on the campus of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

Williams is a member of a group called the “Quad Gods,” notes the Friendly Atheist.

As Williams tore up the Quran, he repeatedly said it was evil.

One of the members of the crowd, possibly a student, lunged toward Williams, but police managed to separate the two men. Undeterred, Williams continued to rip up the Quran as some in the crowd yelled profanities at him.

"The point of ripping out the pages of the Quran was that we were demonstrating what God thinks about the Quran," Williams told WLWT. "We do this to get attention. We do this to lift up the name of Jesus Christ so that people will know that our God's way is absolute."

A local Muslim leader condemned Williams' act, but the preacher plans to keep on doing it. Williams and his fellow preachers have been to the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University.

"We're Bible-believers and we believe what the Bible says: that there is only one way to heaven," Williams said. "So if you don't repent and believe the Gospel, hell fire awaits you."

WARNING: Contains graphic language.

Sources: WLWT, Friendly Atheist / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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