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Christian Parents Choose Prayer Over Meds, Son Dies

A Christian couple in Plymouth, Minnesota, is being charged with child neglect because their adopted 7-year-old son died on March 30, 2015, allegedly due to their choice of prayer and homemade cures over medical care and doctors.

Officials say that Timothy and Sarah Johnson had "issues going to doctors," while their son, Seth, lay dying of pancreatitis and possible sepsis, notes WCCO.

The Johnsons were charged with one count of child neglect resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Seth was found unresponsive on a mattress covered with vomit, according to the criminal charges against the Johnsons.

Medical examiners noted that Seth had bruises and contusions all over his body, and that the child had dropped to a very low weight.

The Johnsons couldn't explain the multiple bruises and injuries, but did assert that the boy was choosing to throw himself down the stairs, notes KTSP.

The couple reportedly worried that doctors would place the child on medications, so they refused to take him in for medical care.

Doctors would have likely notified child protective services had they found multiple unexplained bruises on the boy.

Instead of taking their son to a hospital, the Johnsons reportedly opted to do their own medical research, and concluded that Seth had a post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury.

According to the criminal charges, the couple increased the boy's vitamins, used Neosporin on his injuries and treated him with "medical honey."

The couple went out of town few days before the boy died, and left an older sibling to watch him, reports WCCO.

When the Johnsons got home, they reportedly noticed Seth was barely moving, and that he didn't improve when they "prayed for his health."

The Johnsons reportedly told authorities that Seth wouldn't eat the pizza that they offered him, and they decided to wait until the next morning to decide whether or not to seek medical care.

However, the Johnsons found Seth unresponsive the next morning. They called 911, but first responders soon declared their adopted son dead.

The Johnsons raised over $7,000 from supporters on their "Seth Johnson Memorial and Family Fund" page that they set up on YouCaring.

Sources: WCCO,  KTSP, YouCaring via Google Cache / Photo Credit: YouCaring via Google Cache

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