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Christian-Owned TIKI Printing Refuses to Print Atheist T-Shirt

The Atheists of Utah group may sue the owners of TIKI Printing, a Christian printing company, which refused to print their T-shirts for the pro-gay Utah Pride Festival.

Atheists of Utah asked TIKI Printing to print pink T-shirts with the statement: “Gotta Be Real Cuz God Ain’t!”

“I found it quite shocking that an organization that stated that they were Christian would not do business with someone because they were not Christian,” Atheists of Utah spokesperson Connie Anast told KUTV-TV.

TIKI Printing owner Sam Saltzman claims that he agreed to print the front of the shirt, which was the group's website, but not the back of the shirt with the anti-God message.

 “When you cross the line and become personal and really demean my beliefs and my morals ... is when I draw the line,” Saltzman said. “We weren’t going to be the delivery method for that message that demeaned our beliefs.”

In a post on their Facebook page, Atheists of Utah stated: “And just as they have every right to hold those beliefs, we have every right to let everybody know about them who may not want to spend money with a company who would discriminate against someone else for their views on religion.”

Sources: KUTV-TV and Facebook


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