Christian Org: 'Don't Target Our Daughters Day' (Video)


Faith2Action, a Christian activist group, released an anti-transgender video (below) on May 20 to promote an upcoming protest on June 4 against Target's new bathroom policy that allows people to use the facility that matches their gender identity.

The planned protest, "Don't Target Our Daughters Day," calls on people to warn Target shoppers about the retail giant supposedly allowing predators and sex offenders into women’s restrooms and dressing rooms, The Huffington Post reports. However, Target has never voiced or shown support for criminal activities.

The video to promote the protest includes a song with the lyrics: "Wandering through darkness that was never meant to be / Where there is no light, your people cannot see / No matter how loud it’s shouted, sin is not a civil right / And calling evil good will never make it right."

The video pushes the sex predator theme by showing a stick man figure peeping over a bathroom stall at a female figure and a little girl being followed into a bathroom stall by a man.

The video also shows people protesting Target with signs telling the retail giant not to target wives, daughters and children with sexual predators. One of the signs reads: "Fake women are men. Use your own bathroom."

The video ends with an ABC News video of a Florida woman, Candice Spivey, chasing an alleged voyeur out of a Target store earlier in May. The man is not dressed as a trans woman and was not found in a women's bathroom.

Spivey told ABC News the same man harassed her two years ago inside a grocery store, which prompted her to film the exchange in Target. The man was convicted in 2009 of taking "photographs of women in dressing rooms," noted ABC News.

Janet Porter, who heads Faith2Action, wrote on the conservative site on May 18: "It’s time to tell Target to stop 'Targeting our Daughters' — from the sidewalk outside their stores. When you sign up to organize a protest at, we will send you a 'Don’t Target Our Daughters' button for free."

"So sign up, tell your friends, and get your 'Don’t Target Our Daughters' button before another girl is targeted at a Target store," Porter added.

Sources:, The Huffington Post, ABC News / Photo Credit: Faith2Action/YouTube

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