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Christian Mom Opposes Teacher's Prayer, Gets Threats, Becomes Atheist (Video)

The Secular Student Alliance at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, recently held a forum entitled "Ask an Atheist Day" at the school.

Amber Barnhill, who took part in the event (video below), was a Christian when she opposed a teacher's prayer at her son's preschool in 2013. She wrote about the incident on her blog:

During my four year old's in-class preschool graduation ceremony, the teacher announced we would start by "leading in a word of prayer". She called out a student to come forward, positioned the child in front, gave the child a toy microphone and ordered the child to begin reciting her prayer. The child said a few lines then the teacher said "now say "in Jesus name, amen"" at which point the child along with others repeated "in Jesus' name, amen"....

Banrhill contacted the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which wrote a letter to the school about the teacher-led prayer, noted The Huffington Post.

Banrhill subsequently got death threats for her position.

“That's not why I lost my faith in God,” Barnhill recently told 12News. “But it did have a huge impact on how quickly that happened."

Barnhill, who was raised in an extreme Christian fundamentalist home, wrote an essay, "A Christian Who Wasn't Cross," which explained her transition and was available at the forum.

“I would stand up for a child's right to be a Christian in a local school, just as quickly as I would for a child's right not to be,” Barnhill added.

Barnhill recently received a scholarship award from the American Atheists organization in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Image Credit: 12News Screenshot


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