Christian Mom Leads Family In Target Protest (Video)


An unidentified Christian woman recently led her family through a Target store in an angry protest against the company's new policy that allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their self-identified gender identity (video below).

The Friendly Atheist notes the woman waved her Bible and shouted at customers:

"Attention Target customers, do not be deceived, Target would have you believe with their Mother’s Day displays that they love mothers and children. This is a deception. This is not love and they’ve proven it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men. I’m a mother of 12 and I’m very disgusted by this wicked practice. Target does not protect mothers and children. Mothers get your children out of this store.

"Mothers have enough decency to get out of this store, it’s a dangerous place. This is not loving. What Target has done is very hateful. It’s hateful towards families. It’s hateful towards mothers. It’s hateful towards children. America, when are you gonna wake up? When are you gonna stand up for the right things America? Are you gonna let the devil rape your children America?

"It's time to stand up and have a voice in stead of bowing to the homosexual perverted agenda that's taking over this nation. You need to run and flee this place. I wouldn't spend a penny of my money here. This is wicked. This is confusion. This is twisted. This is abominable in the sight of God."

A man with the woman's family, possibly her husband, yelled of God's judgment coming on this nation and Target as the family walked out of the store.

Despite a Target boycott of about 1.2 million people over the bathroom policy, Kevin Dinino, a crisis-management expert, recently told Business Insider, "There's a very large group out there that supports Target's decision."

Dinino noted that almost 80 million people shop monthly at Target, so "at worst, we are talking about a group of 1.2 million shoppers -- or 1.5 percent of Target's customers -- who are disenfranchised."

Sources: Friendly AtheistBusiness Insider / Photo credit: Loredana Camelia/YouTube

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