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Christian Mom Compares Racy TV Ad to 'Hell' and 'Seeing Evil'

Rebeca Seitz was recently appalled by a racy ad for the prime-time series "Betrayal" that aired on "Good Morning America" when her 8-year-old son was watching TV.

She took a picture (right) of the ad, sent it to her husband on her iPhone, posted it on Facebook and also blogged about it with the title "Morning Sex." 

In the blog she wrote, "What HELL just ascended into my living room and burned itself into my precious boy’s brain?"

Apparently someone was offended by the picture and Facebook removed it, which Seitz supports.

"I probably would never have blogged about it had Facebook not taken it down. And one of my friends said, 'well, some people want to talk about this, you should put this on your blog so we can all keep talking about it.' And by 'we all' she meant my little bitty circle of friends," Seitz told The Christian Post.

In another blog post entitled "Update to Morning Sex Ad," Seitz said that she contacted her local ABC affiliate and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to file complaints about the scene.

The local ABC affiliate apologized to Seitz for her son having seen the sex scene, but said the decision came from the ABC Network.

"If everybody in the country saw this, why is somebody else not saying anything about it?" Seitz asked.

Seitz said it was her job to teach her children about sex, but not right now.

"There's a time and a place for this kind of stuff, and 8:26 in the morning wasn't it. I have to prepare my kids to engage with the world, it's that whole concept of being in the world, and not of it. As a parent I have to teach them how to process things of this world, properly. And I can't do that if we don't discuss them," said Seitz.

Seitz says many people on the web have called her a "prude."

"I've been called all kinds of things now all over the Internet, I'm a prude and I'm for censorship, which is not true, and I probably don't have sex, and, oh my favorite one: I'm a bored housewife," said Seitz.

Seitz added that the image was not even right for an adult to see: "At 8-years-old was not the time, if there ever even is a time, to show this kind of image. Even as an adult, I don't need to see that image."

She ended her last blog entry with: "How do we justify seeing evil and walking away?"

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