Christian MMA Fight Ends with Knees to Groins, Double Knockout (Video)

A new documentary, to be released this week, reveals the violent sport of Christian MMA fighting.

In a preview clip (video below) from the film "Fight Church," two Christian MMA fighters square off at the Victory Church in Rochester, N.Y., notes Gawker.

Before the fight, one of the unidentified MMA fighters says, "The whole reason we're having the fight here is so that we can bring people in and tell them about God."

"If I win the fight it's because God gave me the fight," adds the MMA fighter. "It's not anything I've done. It's already been decided who has won. It's just you wait to find out what happens."

The fight ends after both fighters knee each other in the groin and collapse in a double knockout.

Later, after the fight, one of the trainers thanks God for keeping a fighter safe while the fighter sits on a bench with an ice pack on his groin.

According to the Fight Church film website:

The film follows several pastors and fighters in a quest to reconcile their faith with a sport that some consider violent and barbaric. Faith is tried and questions are raised. Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face?

Sources: FightChurchFilm.com, Gawker


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