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Christian Missionary Disappointed That African City Isn't Poor, Destitute

A Christian mom, who is on a missionary trip in Kenya, recently wrote on her blog about her disappointment in finding out that Nairobi wasn't the poverty-stricken city she had hoped to find.

Oklahoma blogger "Jestidwell," who describes herself as a "Wife of 1 and Mom to 5," wrote on Monday:

"I kept looking at John and then looking around me and he noticed that I was struggling to take it in. My heart was prepared for dirt floors."

"For dirty laundry hanging everywhere.
For kids that were half naked and covered in bug bites.
People who couldn’t speak English."

"...It just wasn’t what my heart was expecting.
Nairobi is a hub for lots of international business. A place where new buildings are being built left and right and where traffic is a nightmare and a half."

"But this girl from the states expected Nairobi to be like what you see in the movies. Or on Feed the Children commercials."

"...So, did I fall in love with Nairobi today?
But I fell deeper in love with a God who uses all the things, including the safe and affluent, to change my heart."

In more religion news, Taiwo Adewuyi, founder of the Christian group Discuss Jesus, recently appeared on the BBC TV program "The Big Questions" to discuss the U.K. government's decision not to legalize humanist weddings.

During the broadcast (video below), Adewuyi claimed that humanist weddings are "demonic" and that humanism "is the cancer on Thanksgiving. It is the Devil’s PR. It is a first-class ticket to the sea of wantonness and debauchery,” noted

In response, Andrew Copson, of the British Humanist Association, stated:

“Humanism is a nonreligious world view that, instead of looking to revelation or authority, we look to reason and evidence to understand the universe. Instead of looking to moral rules that come from outside human beings, we look to other human beings to generate values in the here and now ,and also to generate meaning in our life.”

“Instead of looking externally for some meaning to give value and sanction to the existence that we’re having, the humanist view is that men and women in the course of our lives create sustained meaning together by giving our lives purpose and a sense of fulfillment.”

Image Credit: Sam Stearman


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