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Christian Ministry, Focus on the Family, Praises Russia, Doesn't Mention Corruption, Persecution (Video)

Tom Minnery, of the Christian ministry Focus on the Family, recently attended a planning session for the World Congress Congress of Families (WCF) conference in Moscow, Russia.

According to the WCF press release, the organization met with Russian lawmaker Yelena Mizulina, the co-author of the country’s new “homosexual propaganda” ban that many Religious Right anti-gay activists have applauded.

During a recent Citizen Link (the political arm of Focus on the Family) report, Minnery gushed about how wonderful Russia is, but failed to mention the numerous violent unexplained deaths of journalists in Russia (video below).

Minnery was amazed that Russia had rebuilt a church near the Kremlin, but didn't mention the persecution of Christians that is occurring.

The evangelical Christian group Russian Ministries told Worthy News that there is an "alarming increase in limiting the freedoms of minority or dissenting religious perspectives across much of the post-Soviet region" and "ethnic violence rising at the same time as religious liberty is under threat, the need to train next generation Christian leaders has never been higher."

The rebuilt church that Minnery mentioned is for the Orthodox Church, which reportedly works with the Russian government, noted Worthy News:

Michael Cherenkov, vice-president for Association for Spiritual Renewal, seemed to agree in remarks distributed by Russian Ministries.

"A campaign [to limit religious freedoms] has been taking place in many regions of the Russian Federation for several years already,” he added.

He said requests from the Orthodox Church, which closely cooperates with the Kremlin, "to local authorities to destroy rental agreements and other forms of partnerships with Protestants have become common practice."

Minnery also spoke in wonder about a food court in Moscow featuring American fast-food chains, but didn't mention U.S. cables which reported massive corruption in the Russian government, which was described as a "mafia state," reported The Guardian.

Sources: The Guardian, Worthy News, WCF,, Citizen Link


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