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Christian Ministry 'Focus on the Family' Attacks Indiana Christian Lawmaker (Video)

Focus on the Family is a Christian ministry whose political arm Citizen Link recently teamed up with the National Organization for Marriage to go after Indiana State Rep. Kevin Mahan (R), who happens to be a Christian. notes that Focus on the Family/Citizen Link announcer Stuart Shepard narrates a new attack ad that accuses Mahan of "following the advice of left wing lobbyists in Indianapolis" and "same-sex marriage lobbyists and their money" (video below).

Shepard fails to mention who exactly these "left wing" and "same-sex" lobbyists are, but does accuse Mahan of "standing with the activists who want to bring San Francisco-style marriage to Indiana."

Mahan, who describes himself as a Christian who “goes to church every chance I get,” wants to drop language banning civil unions from a measure that would allow Indiana residents to vote on same-sex marriage in November, reports the News and Tribune.

However, contrary to Focus on the Family's claims, Mahan has not endorsed same-sex marriage.

Mahan says that pastors and church elders from Catholic and Protestant congregations in Hartford City, Ind., where he lives, have influenced his position.

“I’d go to my son’s basketball game, and I’d have folks whom I know are Christians and leaders in their churches want to sit with me and spend an entire quarter of a basketball game in a high school gym talking about this,” stated Mahan. “They’d say, ‘I used to support this but now I don’t.’ I had listen to that stuff.”

On Monday, 22 Republicans agreed with Mahan. Their vote kept the ban on gay marriage on the measure, but removed the civil unions part.

In November 2013, more than 300 religious leaders signed a letter that stated in part, "We should not be writing discrimination into our State Constitution," noted theIndy Star.

Freedom Indiana and the Interfaith Coalition on Non-Discrimination organized the letter effort, and may be the lobbying groups that Shepherd refers to, but that doesn't discount the high number of clergy who oppose banning civil unions.

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