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Christian Men Apologize For Allowing Women To Have Abortions (Video)

A new video produced by Heroic Media, a pro-life media company, features three Christian men apologizing for allowing the women, whom they got pregnant, to have legal abortions.

In the video (below) entitled "The Apology," the men state, "I had an abortion" and then explain their remorse for the choice that the women made. The men also apologize to the fetuses, notes Jezebel.

"So, I was 28," states John Blandford, who is reportedly part of Heroic Media. "And I didn't know God. I called myself a Christian, though, at the time. I would go to church a couple times a month. And I just started dating this gal, and she got pregnant."

"We had a passive-aggressive stance," Daniel Phillips adds. "I was neither here nor there, so I never even fought for the opportunity to save the child."

It's not clear how Phillips or any of the men could have prevented a lawful abortion.

"I conceded to an abortion," stated Shane Idleman, who pastors Westside Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California. "And even as a pastor, that decision still haunts me today. What would they look like? Would it be a boy? Would it be a girl? Their first step, saying 'Daddy,' watching them grow. But those are just dreams, dreams that often leave me heartbroken."

Idleman also wrote a blog post on his church's website comparing the Nazi Holocaust to his girlfriend's abortion.

The video was reportedly sent out in an email by Repairing the Foundations, an organization created by the anti-gay American Family Association, which is encouraging pastors to share the video on what they call Sanctity of Life Sunday on Jan. 22.

According to The Friendly Atheist, Phillips says at the end of the video, “I’m sorry that ... I’m sorry that this is available,” an apparent reference to the availability of legal abortion in the U.S.

Pastor Idleman then instructs people how to confess and ask for God's forgiveness for an abortion.

Women do not appear in the video.

Sources:, The Friendly Atheist, Jezebel, Southern Poverty Law Center / Image Credit: Heroic Media Screenshot


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